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World Music Fusion

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Yemadas was born in India in 2011 when Ana and Tiago (Portuguese couple) were living at Auroville. They were invited to participate in Lively Up Your Earth Festival and had a great success on stage because they were the only band that made the people really dance. Since then Yemadas realized that their mission lies in playing for other people.

Their concerts are not merely entertainment. They are rituals, ceremonies of celebration, choir of voice unity and a deep message for a new world in harmony with nature and with our souls. There are moments of interaction with the public that make them sing, other moments of tribal rhythms that make them dance. It is a continuous flow of good vibes and the simply Joy of celebrating Life and being Alive!

As a band they have been growing, evolving and have always like to invite other musicians to play or other dancers to dance.

 Their music is a combination of strong rhythms, deep message and great energy what makes this band authentic and unique.

They developed their style during several traveling experiences around the world, including Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia), Africa (Morocco, Mali, Burkina Fazu, Senegal, Cabo Verde, Guinea Bissau), Asia (India, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka). In these countries they got inspired from powerful cultures and great masters of music and dance. They have been composing many original songs written in Portuguese, Spanish, English and African dialects.


Yemadas are more than a band. They have their own eco-village in South Portugal where they live a more sustainable life, growing their food, building their houses, giving artistic residences and natural arts living courses to inspire people to change their lives.


They have been teaching African dance, Body Music, drum circles, ethnic chanting at many Festivals and Social/Educational Projects. They also performed at many Festivals in Portugal and abroad has: Boom, FMM, Terra Mãe, Andanças, Avante(Portugal), PachaMama(Switzerland), Feed the Soul(Italy), Re-Green (Greece), Yoga-Music Festival(Germany), Femart(Kosovo),etc.


They already produced 5 albums. Thamarai was the first one and was a special edition for schools, teachers and families. Than Guru is Inside after a trip to Africa, Intergalactic Massala in India, Chamado and Landscape at Portugal. 


Their contemporary-tribal style has a diverse range of music instrumentsthat they brought from their travels, like balafon, n´goni, cajon, djembes, drums, didgereedoo, berimbau, tambourine, kalimbas, xamanic drum, flutes, drabukas, dufs, rik, as well as instruments more contemporaries and modern has electric guitar and bass, hang drum, ukulele,drum set.


The gender can be reggae, funk, desert blues, samba, afro-grooves or some modern fusion of their own inspiration and creativity. Also in their concerts there are some dance performances what make them more visual and attractive.


This year they are composing more songs and preparing the 6thalbum with the new members of the band.


Yemadas is now part of UNIVERSAL SOUNDS(Switzerland) to co create new projects, spread their music with a spiritual porpose!









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