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YEMADAS Biography

Yemadas was born in India in 2011 when Ana and Tiago were living at Sadhana Forest, Auroville. We were invited to participate in Lively Up Your Earth Festival and had a great success on stage because we were the only band that made the people really dance. Since then Yemadas realized that their mission lies in playing for other people.

Our concerts are not merely entretainnment. For us they are rituals, ceremonies of celebration, choir of voice unity and a deep message for a new world in harmony with nature and with our souls.

As a band we have been growing,evolving and we always like to invite other musicians to play or other dancers to dance. But in 2012 we started to live in Windarra farm, Auroville. There we connected with other musicians not only on a musical level but also on a deep spiritual journey. A new vision was born and the band decided to bring together different aspects of their lifes to their performances and started to include theatre and powerful dances.


In 2013, Yemadas decided to realize their dream of having an organic farm. Now, Yemadas farm is the new project of the band. All 7 menbers are living together in South Portugal working the land and sharing their lives, having more time for playing music, doing their Sound Journeys and rehersals for the shows. Soon it will be possible to buy a CD of Yemadas with 2Kgs of fresh organic vegetables included.


Yemadas are ready to play for a better world!

Here we show you some of the festivals, events, concerts, sound journeys....

Spring Youth Festival at Sines

The festival was closed by Yemadas.

International Percussion Festival, Portimão

Organized by Academia de Música de Lagos. Yemadas performed at the World Music Day.

Andanças Music Festival 

​Andanças 2013, Portugal

​Yemadas on "Carvalhos" stage performing Tribal Fusion dance by Ana Costa, Einat Ran and Inka Strobl.

Svaram Birthday at Auroville

South India, 2013

Yemadas celebrate together with this beautiful music instruments project that is Svaram.

Yoga Music Festival, Freiburg

Germany Set 2012

Yemadas opened the festival with their world music.

Alternative Fair at Lisbon

​Lisboa 2012, Portugal

​Intergalatic music for the soul

Indian Tour 2013

Auroville, Pondicherry, Chennai, Tiruvanamalai, Daramshala

​Everything possible and available.

Same same but problem!!

We are very grateful to Mother India where we were born as a band. 

Freedom Festival

Freedom 2013, Portugal

​Yemadas played one concert and one sound journey on the chillout stage. 

FMM at Sines

FMM 2013, Portugal

​World Music Festival in Sines. Yemadas did one concert at Ponto de Encontro Bar and one street performance. 

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