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Concerts, Sound Journeys and Workshops


A World Tour towards ancient tribal and ethnic-folklorik cultures and traditions.

The African rythms come together with brasilian, cuban grooves and songs, mixed with some indian spices, aborigen sounds, midle-eastern influences and a new Intergalatic music with many original songs and compositions.

What Yemadas love in their concerts is the dynamic of many instruments creating one colective voice that represents all the cultures in this new world that they are already living.

The concert is even more than music and dance, is also a story of their lifes, the travels they did, the people they meet, the traditions they love and more than anything the way they live in harmony with nature, the realization of their dreams and celebration of their wounderful lifes.

The concerts are made for people to dance, to sing along, to hear the massage of the lyrics, to be as present as possible.

Yemadas like to do concerts of 2 to 4 hours, because we love to play and time doesn´t exist anymore when music is leading us to this magic atmosphere of a world fusion without confusion.

The music is complemented by the beautiful dances on stage of african tribal, ethic fusion, samba reggae, capoeira. The theatre of improvisation make the bridge between us and the public and dissolves the distance, opens the dialogue.

All the members of the band love to sing and they see each concert as a sacred ceremony, a ritual that is more than entertainment, but a deep experince that makes people see the beauty of having this amazing life!!!



An exploration of the sound, a dialogue of music and dance. It's all improvisation that creates different landscapes of sound that gives the receiver the chance to travel inside and find their own self.

Yemadas have been doing this for more than 4 years with great results and an openess for new subtle energetic fields where everthing can be possible.

These journeys bring together the natural elements that are represented by different cosmic forces for all the participants. It´s a healing process for all the participants, musicians included, where mind is vanishing, giving space for the soul to come.

Yemadas love to do this experience because they are always fresh, full of surprises, creativity, dynamic transformation giving the space for the music to manifest in a great potencial, where the musicians are only the channels that manifest the Great Spirit through this vehicle.

For the participants it´s an introspective process where they use blind folders maintaining their eyes closed, that prevents distractions and takes out any judgements about others.


"Music is the new Medicine of the XXI century" and Yemadas are sure of that. Through our lives and sound journeys,music helps us to share what we already have been living for some time. Full liberation!!!  



Yemadas are musical teachers in different schools at the Borboleta in Aljezur, Free School of the Algarve in Figueira, Arts Center of Sines and african dance classes in Barranco da Vaca (Primary School), in Aljezur.

Also has extensive experience in leading workshops or courses abroad, as for example in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, India and other places.


We ran WORKSHOPS for young people and adults of :


Tribal African Dance  (rhythms and movements from the West Cost of Africa)

- Body Music (Body Percussion and singing)

Capoeira Angola (afro-Brazilian martial art)

World Chanting (music for the soul, orchestra of songs from various cultures)

Music for ALL (music games in order to develop the rhythm and open the voice)

Peaceful Communication (speaking from the heart without judging)

Drum Circles (Rhythms from all over the world to bring the oneness)


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