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YEMADAS World Music


Infinite Soul Official VideoClip

Infinite Soul Track from Landscape CD

Video Promo 2018

1 minute of what we do in Switzerland festival

Video Promo 2015 

A range of what Yemadas can offer

Yemadas in Bali, Indonesia

Wating for the food at the restaurant

Pachamama Festival, Switzerland 2019

Live Concert , Funana song

Video promo 2017

2 minutes of different concerts in Portugal

Video Promo 2014

Music Festivals all around Portugal

Andanças festival PT 2015

Samba rhythm,Wake Up song

Video Promo 2019

iConcerts in nternational festivals

Yemadas in Studio 2017

Recording of some tracks for the Landscape CD

Street Performance

At Odeceixe, Portugal

Concert with Mohanam, India

At Bamboo Festival in Auroville

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